Double trouble in boarding

In a rare occurrence for St Margaret’s, we have three sets of twins in the boarding house this year, and while it’s not uncommon to have twins at the school, having three sets in boarding is fairly unusual!

However, it’s not the first time in St Margaret’s history this has occurred, with many of our Old Girls who are also twins recollecting their own experiences with multiples in boarding. 

Zali and Jade Fullerton are in Year 7, and although they are fraternal twins, they look almost identical and have already joked about playing tricks on boarding house staff and teachers as everyone adjusts to seeing double.

“A few years ago, at our previous school, we switched classes for a day on April Fool’s Day. No-one knew until we told them at the end of the day!” the pair chuckled.

The duo aren’t sharing a dorm room this year but each acknowledged having their twin sister to support them in the move to boarding school has been unique.

“It’s good because you have someone similar to you and you can ask questions that you wouldn’t normally ask a new friend,” Zali said.

When asked what is the best thing about boarding so far, both exclaimed simultaneously “the food! The food is so good! We were surprised. There’s lots of variety.”

Jade said the best thing about living and learning at St Margaret’s so far is the friendly, caring community.

“It’s one of those schools that if you’re looking around lost, someone will come and ask you if you need help,” she said.

Year 10 twins Charlotte and Lizzie Thomas, from the Sunshine Coast, are looking forward to developing their independence in boarding this year.

The pair are sharing a room, just like they did when they were younger, and Charlotte doesn’t beat around the bush when asking her twin to tidy her room.

“I’m the tidy one but it’s kind of easier rooming with your twin – since she’s my sister I can just say “can you clean your room”.

Both Charlotte and Lizzie are enjoying their involvement in St Margaret’s sporting program and the new friendships they have made.

Year 9 twins Angie and Clara Li have moved from Hong Kong to study in Australia.

“We’ve moved for the opportunities to understand a different culture and to become more independent,” said Angie.

Clara said the lifestyle and environment were also an attraction.

Both girls are enjoying making new connections and the opportunity to explore Brisbane on the weekend through the boarding house’s busy calendar of social activities.

Boarding house Student Wellbeing Coordinator Hannah Calcino said the school worked in close partnership with the twins’ families as to their best interests.

“Some parents prefer they room together or are in the same classes while others prefer them to be separated. We work closely with the parents to determine this throughout their schooling,” Hannah said.

On Facebook, some of our Old Girls commented:

"When I was boarding between 1982 and 1991, there was three sets of identical twins all in the same grade in the boarding house. I believe they would have graduated in 1985. The Greens, the Bywaters and I can’t recall the third surname." Alicia Zillman

"In 1982 there were 3 sets of twins, myself and Margot Scott (nee Green), Amanda Warmington (nee Bywater) and Belinda Bywater and Natalie and Thea Liston." Angela Smith Green

"& the Marsh Twins too Angela Smith Green (Sharon Atkins & Sonya Vickers) Graduated 1986." Roz Zillman