Celebrating St Margaret's Day

It is a tradition at St Margaret’s that all students gather on a Friday in July to celebrate St Margaret of Antioch, whom the school is named after, as well as the spirit of the school, at the annual St Margaret’s Day.

Of course, this year’s celebration was a little different to those held in years gone by. Firstly, it is the school’s 125th anniversary year and so the occasion held even greater significance and opportunity to reflect on the school’s rich history of educating girls since 1895. Then, there was the pandemic that rocked 2020 which saw staggered race times and social distancing. Nonetheless, our girls enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to celebrate the St Margaret’s spirit at this year’s event which was held on Friday 17 July.

The St Margaret’s Day chapel service celebration was a little different this year due to COVID-19, with an online video stream available to students via the school’s online learning management system, The POD. During the service, students were reminded to give thanks to the Sisters of the Society of the Sacred Advent who to this day work tirelessly for the school.

Principal Ros Curtis acknowledged the school’s 125th anniversary which she said, “was a celebration of all the people who have gone before us”.

“Not just what they have achieved here but how they have left St Margaret’s and lived the school’s mission in their professional and personal lives.”

Ms Curtis highlighted the school’s 125 Notable project which celebrates inspirational Old Girls and how each have been influenced by and demonstrate the school’s mission and values.

A highlight of the celebration is always the St Margaret’s Run. The run has been a tradition of the annual St Margaret’s Day celebrations for the past 22 years. Based on the historic Cambridge University race, as depicted in the film Chariots of Fire, students weave and wind their way around a 650m circuit through the school campus vying for the title of St Margaret’s Run Champion. The student with the fastest overall time is crowned the Run Champion and awarded a prestigious trophy.

Congratulations to the race winners.

Junior Primary Division (Years 3 and 4) - Jasmine Moody

Senior Primary Division (Years 5 and 6) - Kate Greenwood

Junior Division (Years 7 and 8) - Milla Roberts

Intermediate Division (Years 9 and 10) - Isabella Harte

Senior Division (Years 11 and 12) - Gabrielle Geldard

Happy St Margaret’s Day and happy 125th anniversary to our St Margaret’s community!

St Margaret of Antioch Hymn

If Saint Margaret met a dragon

with its teeth and scaly hide,

then Saint Margaret met that dragon

with the Saviour by her side.

So we pray to face each challenge,

Each injustice and each sin

With God’s love as our protection

And the Spirit’s power within.

If Saint Margaret fought a dragon

With its fiery, fatal breath,

Then Saint Margaret beat that dragon

Thanks to Jesus’ awesome death.

So we put our trust in Jesus,

For he died to save his friends,

But death could not keep him captive

And his glory never ends.

If a girl defeats a dragon

In a legend or in a fact,

Then a girl can fight for justice

When God gives her strength to act.

So we pray for grace and courage

When we need to take a stand.

We will live as Jesus’ people

In this school and in this land.

Words: Elizabeth J. Smith.