Challenge to demolish gender bias

“Whether you wear stilettoes or steel cap boots, unglue yourself from the sticky floor and smash the glass ceiling.” 

This was the parting advice from guest speaker Penelope Twemlow at St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School‘s first of four Professional Network Breakfasts, delivered to a very attentive full house at the school, which overlooks a city of glass ceilings still to be shattered.

A St Margaret’s past student and current CEO of Energy Skills Queensland who was last year awarded the 2016 Telstra Queensland Business Women’s For Purpose and Social Enterprise Award, Ms Twemlow’s career has taken her from the Royal Australian Navy as a Warfare Officer and Military Police Investigator to the corporate consulting world. Fearless in the face of challenges, she spoke of resisting the urge to become the victim in difficult situations, but to reflect on the issue and make a cool, calm decision.

“How we deal with difficult situations and overcome challenges, sets a pattern for our futures,” she said.

In her various roles today, which also include Founder and Chair of Women in Power, Penelope says she enjoys taking on the issues that must be solved, especially if it helps other women.

With less than six per cent of the world’s companies run by females, she challenged the diverse audience – from both male and female corporate leaders to senior St Margaret’s students – to demolish gender bias.

“Believe in yourself, believe in your gender and fight for equality,” she urged the females in the room.

Listen to the audio of Penelope's speech below.