Careers Education

Careers and Portfolio Pathways Program

The Careers and Portfolio Pathways Program at St Margaret’s provides all students with the opportunity to develop a passion for subjects with the business domain, or to individually unlock pathways to their own learning, via our personally-tailored Learning Enhancement Program or our Vocational Education pathways.

Learning Enhancement caters for individual and special needs of students in the areas of support and extension. Student’s strengths and weaknesses are identified to create a differentiated program to support their leaning.  

Students at St Margaret’s are provided with the opportunity in their final three years to include in their educational program, study of vocational education subjects that may link to future employment options or areas of specific interest. 

Through Careers and Portfolio Pathways, students learn to be entrepreneurial thinkers, with a variety of future opportunities enabling a competitive advantage in business management in many types of industries both locally and internationally.
To develop these dispositions and skills they will be provided with the use of authentic and varied business and accounting contexts to develop an understanding of the ethical attitudes and principles required to contribute more efficiently in a changing business environment.

Careers Counsellor
The school provides the services of two careers counsellors, who work with individual students to guide them in subject selection and career choices and also with year level groups to keep the students informed about opportunities that exist within their areas of interest and about trends within a broad range of industries.
Primary students are also taught careers education at various stages of the primary school experience. Advising the girls about preparation and requirements for aspects of life at work or at tertiary institutions is a key role of the careers counsellors who work with the students to assist them to develop skills that are essential to their success in the world beyond school. A great deal of time is spent with senior students relating to their academic performance in preparation of achieving the goals they have set for themselves and providing girls with the information they require for the courses or careers they wish to pursue.
SET Plans
The Senior Education and Training (SET) Plan is a key component of the Queensland Government's Education and Training Reforms for the Future initiative.
The SET Plan initiative formalises good career planning practices, with each student responsible for creating and updating her own SET Plan which maps out how she intends to work towards a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE), a Certificate III vocational qualification and/or a viable work option.
In order to develop a meaningful and hence truly useful SET Plan, students need to engage in self-reflection and career exploration processes. The school's career sessions and activities are intended to support such processes. Each student will, however, need to take responsibility for driving her own self-reflection and career exploration processes.
The SET Plan contains a SET Plan Guide, an outline of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), a set of subject related occupational charts, and two Queensland Studies Authority (QSA) publications - Preparing for the senior phase of learning: What next? and Planning your pathway to a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE).