Every Girl Every Opportunity

St Margaret’s 'Every Girl Every Opportunity' appeal encompasses a number of exciting planned developments and refurbishment projects which continue our focus on advancement of school facilities to benefit all students. This will include a Senior Study Centre, a new Arts Centre, as well as other classroom and amenity upgrades.  

All of these projects are vital components of ensuring that all St Margaret's students have the same opportunities and learning experiences. They will help the school in fulfilling its mission to prepare confident and capable women able to contribute to a global community.

Currently, the School Council is developing a new Master Plan for the school and there will be exciting plans for future projects including a new Performing Arts Building.

Senior Study Centre - Complete

Earlier this term the new Senior Study Centre was opened. This state-of-the-art flexible learning space is available exclusively for Year 12 students.

Situated in the first-floor annexe of Community House and with easy access to the Eunice Science & Resource Centre through the Piazza, the facility is designed to allow students to engage in both independent and collaborative work.

The development of the Senior Study Centre is in response to the way in which students now study in the senior phase of learning.


Thank you to those who donated to the Building Fund in the first half of 2021 to assist with this important project.


State-of-the-art classrooms

210420_St Margarets_Concept Design 12

In the latter part of 1956, a new gymnasium was built near the original pool at the Petrie Street entrance to the school which made better provision for physical education and ballet dancing. This new gymnasium was in use until the Philip Harris Sports Centre was opened in 1996, upon which the space was used for St Margaret’s visual arts program. More recently, the building became the School Supplies Shop.

It is time once again to evolve and to create something that better serves the teaching and learning needs of our students today.

Two secondary classrooms with views of Circular Drive and the city will be built in this space for use in 2022.

Donations to the Building Fund in Semester 2 2021 will support this vital project.

You can donate to the Every Girl Every Opportunity appeal now online, by calling Lara Pickering on (07) 3862 0884, or by returning the Giving Envelope enclosed in the latest issue of the Flyer magazine.