Eton Society

The Eton Society honours those people who have made a bequest or are considering making a bequest to the St Margaret’s Foundation in their Will. The society meets annually to acknowledge the generous intentions of its members and to keep them abreast of future plans for the school. Joining the Eton Society is about the spirit of intention, and about participation to help build a program which will honour the legacy of the Sisters and contribute to the education of girls for many years to come. 

School’s cannot thrive, or even perhaps survive, on fees alone. It is imperative to keep fees at a sustainable level to provide access to as many girls as possible while maintaining the level of education and programs for which St Margaret’s is renowned. But in order to keep pace and progress the school and enable it to best prepare girls for increasingly complex futures in a fiercely competitive global marketplace, a philanthropic culture must be the new norm in educational environments. Across Australia, bequest programs will be key to institutional stability and future growth, in the face of government shortfalls. 

For further details about bequests to the school, please contact the Director of Philanthropy and Stakeholder Engagement, Lara Pickering on (07) 3862 0884 or email