Going for Bold

Going for Bold

In 2015, St Margaret’s embarked upon a five year Enhancing Excellence campaign to revitalise and upgrade parts of the school campus and to reinvigorate outdated areas with exciting new facilities.

Under the banner of Enhancing Excellence also comes a major reimagining of St Margaret’s sports precinct, a ‘bold new vision’. This transformative project will boast a water polo sized heated pool enabling students to swim and train for sports such as lifesaving and water polo all year round, new tennis courts with lights, and a modern gymnasium, a high-tech strength and conditioning gym, and contemporary HPE classrooms.

Preparations for the new development are well underway. Click play to view the most recent time-lapse footage of the progress on site.

Read more about what have in store for our students in the campaign brochure "a bold new vision" (PDF 3.8MB)


Help us reach our $1M target for this campaign joining the Going for Bold campaign by donating online now. Follow our progress below.



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On behalf of St Margaret’s the Foundation gratefully acknowledges the generous philanthropic support of those who have already contributed to this exciting project.

Thank you for your support.


Anonymous (4)

The Aralar Family

The Becker Family 

Issy Burdon

Ros Curtis

Arnika Di Bella & Family

The Everson Family

A & K Flynn

Denice Foley

Beverley S Green ('53)

Brad and Mary Jamieson

Kylie Lamprecht

The Leggett Family

The Lisle Family

In Honour of Pamela Lusby

The Malouf Family

The McKie Family

The McWilliam Family

The Miers Family

Susan (’78) and Jane (’82) Pendlebury

P&F Association

Alison and Robert Quinn

The Solomon Family 

The Sorbello Family

The Tsien Family

Mr PJ Wolff and Mrs PJ Wolff

VISIONARY $5,000 - $9,999

Anonymous (2)

The Alford Family

Shirley Bale

Zoe Connolly

Charlotte and Sophie Cosgrove

The Crouch Family

Ruby and Lucy Dee

The Earnshaw Family

Evesham Farming Pty Ltd

The Hudson Family

Peter John Lauder MC

The Millar Family

Jane Ann Phillips

Sally Quayle

The Reinhardt Family

Milla Roberts

The Robson Family

Isobel and Megan Roe

The Traves Family

CHAMPION $2,500 - $4,999 

The Dines Muntaner Family

Ron and Margot Finney

Charlotte and Genevieve Heather

The Heffernan Family

The Livingstone Family

The Mills Family

James Walsh and Sarah Curtis

AMBASSADOR $1,000 - $2,499

Anonymous (2)

Katerina Alexander

The Alward Family

In Memory of Amanda Minotti

The Baldwin Family

The Batstone Family

Libby Black

Stephen and Barbara Briggs

Tim and Polly Brown

Diana Cameron

Hannah Campbell

Stella Carlson

Ashleigh and Emily Carrick

The Cartledge Family

Charlotte and Alexandra Cattanach

Sally and Emma Chester

Melissa Aglio Clarke

Matilda and Zara Connolly

In Memory of Kay Cowlishaw

Keri Craig-Lee

Portia Creevey

The Dew Family

The Drysdale Family

Mackenzie and Esther Evans

Sarah Ferrier

Annabel Ferrier

Eliza Ferrier

Coco and Suki Fidler

The Ganim Family

The Goodrick Family

Addison Grant-Taylor

Asher Grant-Taylor

Sally Greenup

The Gutteridge Family

Annabel Hansen

Lucy Hansen

The Harris Family

Isabel Haqqani

Nick and Shareen Hellen

Noela, Delma and Sandra Helton

Catherine (CJ) and Pamela Hendry

Charlotte Hoey

Annika, Emma, Felicity and Verity House

Ruby Howard

Olivia Howard

The Hudson Family

Georgia Hurwood

Valletta and Nina Hutchins

Charlotte Jackson

Lily Jackson

Wendy Johnston

Kesree Jones

The Kearns Family

Warwick and Wendy King

Grace and Bronte Kinloch

The Laherty Family

Harper Leary

The Licinia Family

The Love Family

The Lyons Family

Jane Maclean

Annabel and Gina McGagh

Hannah McMaster

The Mitchell-Cho Family

The Mouland Family

The Mort Family

Dani O'Neill

The Peat Family

The Perrett Family

Jodi Phillips

The Piggott Family 

Dr Patricia Quayle

The Reddacliff Family

The Richardson Family

The Roberts Family

The Rombola Family

The Selwa Family

Robynne Siemon

Erica Simpson

The Simpson Family

Bella and Bridgette Smith

Darren and Kerrie Smith

Emily and Olivia Smith

Scott and Suzie Smith

The Sorensen Family

Georgina Stevenson (nee Ommensen)

Mary Surtees

The Swan Family

The Sweeney Family

Simone Timchur

Sienna Timms

Joe, Karen and Rosabelle Tully

The Tydd Family

Lillian Wallace

James and Julianne Webster

The Wehl Family

Genevieve Whitehead

Greg, Susannne and Stella Willims

The Woods Family (nee McIntyre)

Glen and Juliette Wright

ADVOCATE $500 - $999

Anonymous (3) 

Lara and John Pickering 

Margaret Somerset

SUPPORTER $2 - $499

Anonymous (6)

Harriet Adcock

Greg Anderson

Jennifer Brett

Ann Brown

Jo Butterworth

Glen Cameron

Anne Clarke

Rosalind Clarke

Charlotte, Estella and Toby Caro

Nicki Colledge

Sophia and Naomi Colledge

Pamela Conde

Dell Cossart

Kate Curran

Nicole Devlin 

Annie Dunning

Karen Gorrie

Susan O'Hare

Sherie Houston

Nikki Johnston

The Lordi Family

The McGagh Family

Kate Stringer

Nikki Townsend 

Betty Tsang

Toni Williams

If you are interested in making a contribution to support the sports precinct, or finding out more about the project, please contact Lara Pickering, Director of Philanthropy and Stakeholder Engagement, on (07) 3862 0884 or email foundation@stmargarets.qld.edu.au.

Donations of $1,000 and over will have their name permanently recorded on the Sports Precinct Donor Wall (unless anonymity is requested) when construction is finalised.