Year 9 Boarder for a Term

St Margaret's offers a Year 9 ‘boarder for a term’ program, which gives Year 9 day girls the chance to experience boarding for a term or longer.

Many students wonder about boarding and are intrigued by the thought of living in a community with 170 other girls. Huge benefits can be gained from boarding, and we hope many day girls will consider taking up this opportunity. In fact, we often hear them express the sentiment, ‘I wish I was a boarder!’

Boarding provides many valuable experiences in the adolescent journey, including self-regulation and self-discipline. It promotes resilience, a positive outlook and a greater respect for self and others. Year 9 girls are at that developmental stage where they are seeking to find their own identity and where they belong in the greater scheme of things. In boarding, girls can explore these aspects of growing up within a nurturing environment, and perhaps even discover facets of their personality which may not have been previously evident. In an atmosphere surrounded by their peers living a similar experience, girls can truly flourish and awaken to their gifts and talents.

St Margaret’s students are encouraged to develop a deep understanding of their responsibilities within local, national and international contexts. By living with people from all over Australia and the world, girls have a wonderful opportunity to gain a greater appreciation of the diverse backgrounds of many of their peers. For girls considering exchange in Year 10, this is the chance to experience living away from home, and learn many skills required to cope independently apart from their parents. Our outstanding boarding staff are extensively trained to care for boarders, and many have a teaching background. In structured prep, girls also receive help with their homework and assignments from current St Margaret’s teachers. Academically, girls are encouraged to extend themselves, ask questions and work collaboratively.  

Boarding can expand girls’ friendship groups and encourage closer ties between boarders and day girls and their families. Connecting community is an important aspect of St Margaret’s and the boarding experience can only enhance those connections for all. 

The Year 9 ‘Boarder for a Term’ Program is available throughout the year. For the program to be worthwhile, students must board for an entire term, with all participants to abide by boarding house rules. Further information about boarding can be found in the Boarding Handbook. You can also contact our Admissions team on 3862 0777 or email The standard boarding fee for one term applies. 

If your daughter has ever said, “I wish I was a boarder”, you can tell her now she can be! 

For more information, download the Year 9 Boarder for a Term flyer (PDF 865.7KB).

To request to become a boarder for a term, download the request form (DOCX 36.8KB).