Learn to Swim

St Margaret’s Learn to Swim School provides swimming lessoLearn to Swimns for St Margaret’s students and siblings from age four onwards or those turning four in the calendar year.With small group sizes and experienced instructors, children can commence lessons at any time during the school year if there is space available.

The aim of this program is to provide all students with opportunities to learn and develop water safety skills and an understanding of the four strokes of swimming in a safe and nurturing environment. Or lessons will be driven by our desire to ensure that every student feels confident and comfortable in the water, be able to save themselves or someone else in an emergency and have sound technique in the swimming strokes. It is our goal to instil a love of the water and for the sport of swimming which will continue throughout each student’s life.

Swimming Levels

Starfish Starfish

Designed for the beginner swimmer; this level works on the fundament skills of floating, bubbles, whole face and ears in the water, kicking on front with a board and water safety (entry and exit). Once basic water skills are achieved swimmers will move to submerging their full body while blowing bubbles, push off wall and glide, basics of freestyle arms and kicking on their back with board.

SeahorseSea Horse

This level introduces freestyle breathing and blowing, submerged streamline push off with kick for a distance of 5m and further develops the backstroke kick with and without board.  Backstroke arms are also introduced.


This level continues to develop freestyle and backstroke whilst introducing the breaststroke kick.  This level also works towards building strength and stamina with swimmers aiming to complete 15 meters of freestyle unaided with correct breathing technique and 5 meters of backstroke kick without board.


This level works on the technique of all basic strokes with breaststroke timing taught, allowing the student to complete the stroke efficiently before increasing the distance covered. 25m of continuous freestyle and backstroke with correct technique and body position should be demonstrated. Surface diving with correct entry position will be taught.

StingraySting Ray

Within this level all distances are increased to 25m for all four strokes. The students should be able to complete these distances whilst maintaining a correct and efficient technique. A dive entry is also a compulsory element of this level.

Once students have mastered all levels of the Learn to Swim program, they then go into our squad program starting in our Ruby 1 squad.

Assessment Procedures

All swimmers in our program are continually assessed for improvement and readiness for upgrading to the next level.Once an instructor believes that a swimmer is ready, they will notify the Learn to Swim Coordinator and a formal assessment will be undertaken.Parents will be informed when this occurs.


Lessons are purchased in term blocks.

1 lesson per week            $160

2 lessons per week          $260


Monday              2.45pm – 5.15pm

Wednesday        2.45pm – 5.15pm

Saturday             8.00am onwards

*All lessons are 30 minutes in length


If you wish to join our Learn to Swim Program click here to complete the booking form.  A grading class will take place during the first week of term with your initial booking.You must rebook for each term.If you would like to keep or change the timeslot you were allocated in the previous term, you must notify the Learn to Swim Coordinator and we will try and allocate as best we can. 

Make Up Classes

Make Up lessons will only be offered if prior notification of absence is received.  Two make up lessons are allowed each term.


Lessons will occur in the rain, however in the event of a storm or there is lightning children will be moved out and away from the water.  No credit or make up lessons will be given for lessons cancelled due to bad weather.

Holiday Intensive Lessons

Intensive lessons will be offered every day during the first week of the Easter, June and September holidays and the first and second week of the Christmas holidays.Information on holiday intensives will be released prior to each holiday period.

To get involved in the Learn to Swim program at St Margaret's visit Flexischools.