Theatresports is to be fearless in their team’s endeavour to create stories in the spontaneous moment. It aims to create a theatre show offering a variety of stories ranging from the comedic to the dramatic. It embraces stories of life, politics, religion, and love. It challenges points of view; expresses opinions. It creates an evening of theatre that engages the audience in a way that makes them respond openly, as one might do at a sporting event, and has them thinking and talking about the performance afterwards. Theatresports is not for the fainthearted. Teams have no script to work from, yet are required to create drama that is engaging and provoking while simultaneously adhering to a set of conventions and rules.  

As drama teachers, theatresports is an important aspect of our curriculum as it encourages risk-taking, albeit, in a safe and supportive environment. The aim is essentially to form a storyline that is not overthought or overwrought so that the imagination is driving the action. Improvising allows students to be creative and not have to follow the road always travelled. There is no “right” story. In fact, there is no predetermined destination when one is improvising, as it is about having fun while engaging in story making. The most valuable lesson of all though, comes from the tenth commandment of improvisation: “When thy faith is low, thy spirit weak, thy good fortune stained, and thy team losing, be comforted and smile, because it just doesn’t matter.”  That is, try your best. It is all you can ask of yourself.

Drama students from Years 8 to 12 are greatly encouraged to be involved in the St Margaret’s theatresports teams that participate in the Youth Theatresports Competition in Terms 1 and 2.