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Primary School


St Margaret's Primary School provides quality learning experiences for girls from Pre-Prep to Year 6 and boys in Pre-​Prep and Prep. The Primary School is a community of learners which fosters relationships with parents, students and staff. Students are encouraged to be responsible, take initiative and be an active participant in their educative journey.


We strive to help our girls and boys to:

  • Be motivated to achieve and to excel
  • Be curious, creative enthusiastic and energetic
  • Complete tasks to the best of their abilities
  • Work well individually and co-operatively in groups
  • Be confident, self-assured and assertive
  • Be clever and critical thinkers
  • Become skilled in the use of information technologies


These goals are shared by our teachers and provide a basis for curriculum design and development. Learning at St Margaret's acknowledges the different development progress of each student. It accepts individual differences and focuses on the development of the whole child as an intellectual, physical, spiritual, social and emotional being. This was manifested through differentiation which is a way to reach and teach all learners.


We strive for a seamless and continuous curriculum, with programs being designed to specifically suit the needs of individual students at St Margaret's.


Throughout the Primary years, and especially in the earlier years, particular attention is devoted to literacy and numeracy – the natural foundation of many learning outcomes encountered in later years.


Students participate in a comprehensive and balanced curriculum, drawing on the following subject areas: Mathematics, English, Science, History, Geography, Health and Physical Education, The Arts (Music and Visual Art), Modern Languages (French, German, Japanese, Mandarin), Technology, Information Technology and Religion and Values Education. Health and Physical Education. The Arts and Modern Languages are taught by specialist teachers.